Are you abusive?

Are you concerned that you may be abusing your girlfriend or boyfriend? Have friends or family ever told you they thought you were abusive or controlling? Ask yourself these questions?

Do You Ever:
  1. Call your girlfriend/boyfriend names?
  2. Text or call them excessively and get upset when they don?t respond?
  3. Keep an eye on their email or profile on a social networking sight?
  4. Feel you have a right to know where they are or who they are with most of the time?
  5. Ask them to change their clothes or how they dress?
  6. Get up in their face when you disagree with each other?
  7. Push, slap, kick, or punch them for any reason?
  8. Block their way to keep them from leaving when they want to?
  9. Force or guilt them into having sex?
  10. Threaten to hurt them or yourself if your relationship breaks up?
Any one of these could be a sign that you may be creating an abusive relationship.